A key element of your web dating profile is your profile photo. This photo provides other users with a first impression of you, and will help them to decide whether to read on. Further photos on your profile are also significant, with between 3 and 5 being advisable. There are several considerations to make when choosing the best selection of photos for your profile.

In your main profile photo, make sure that your face can be clearly seen. Our faces, of course, are an important sign of our character. Regardless, it is important to select a profile photo that you are happy with. This way, you will feel self-confident and have faith in your profile. An engineered photo that looks good but isn’t true to you will only cause hassle later when you have to pretend to be something you’re not. You’d almost certainly feel awkward on your first date.

As an example, you don’t want to put a photo up where your face cannot be recognised. This could be because of a mask, large shades, or thick makeup. Also, the ‘duck face’ pose doesn’t say much about anyone. In fact, the duck face is typically seen as cringeworthy, rather than intriguing.

Focusing on your torso – be it cleavage or abs – might be impressive, but might suggest that you’re looking for something different. Bare flesh is more likely to attract users looking for casual sex than ‘The One’.

Choosing the additional photos for your profile can also be difficult. Typically, you should apply the same principles to these as you did your main profile photo. These extra photos, however, allow you a little bit more flexibility with the personality you want to show.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Choose images that show your lifestyle, selfies and full-body photographs. You want to aim for a wide range of photo types that will show the full scope of your character. These photos should demonstrate that you have an interesting lifestyle and encourage potential matches to want to join you on your adventures.

Naked pics, however, are a complete faux-pas. If it’s a serious relationship you’re looking for, rather than sex dates, steer well clear. The more flesh you bare, the more you will receive messages from users looking for casual sex, affairs and sexual exploration. In these circumstances, it becomes very difficult to identify who is serious about getting to know you, and who’s just after a good time.

Your Profile Picture: Do

  • Ensure your face can be seen clearly
  • Include a photo that shows your full body rather than just a headshot
  • Select a profile photo that you’re happy with
  • Be genuine
  • Show your personality, potentially by demonstrating your pastimes

Your Profile Picture: Don’t

  • Hide your face behind shades, a mask or thick makeup
  • Upload photos of you in a group
  • Upload blurred photos
  • Select naked photos
  • Choose photos with children in
  • Upload scenic images without any people