Thanks to the likes of Tesla and similar top end automotive manufacturers, driverless cars are now a reality. Those who would otherwise be piloting the vehicle, suddenly find themselves in a private environment, with some spare time on their hands to spend however they like.

Thus, alongside the online casual dating site, DatingAdvisor surveyed over 12,500 females and males about sex on the road and driverless cars.

The topic of interest was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

We found the following:

  • 70% of female respondents, plus 72% of male respondents, were keen on trying sex in a driverless car
  • 19% of females and 20% of males favour admiring the view, sleeping, or enjoying some music
  • 18% of female respondents and 17% of males would rather concentrate on the road
  • 11% of females and 9% of males would use their time for conversation, games and phone calls
  • 8% of females and 6% of males would use the time to chill out, watch films, or for reading

Several answers were allowed.

The future certainly seems sexy! However, the concept of sex on the road is nothing new. Already, with current constraints considered, many of us choose the car for a quick encounter every now and again.  

We also discovered the following:

  • Almost one quarter of passengers had pleasured the driver of their vehicle whilst on the move
  • 6% of respondents had played with their passenger while driving
  • 8% have used the back seat for sex whilst on the move  
  • 12% of females and 11% of males have played with themselves in their cars
  • 7% of those interviewed admitted using public transport for sex
  • Around 66% have had sex in a stationary vehicle

More information, such as further findings and results, are at this link.

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