Once the first date is done, the uncertainty creeps in. Now what? Should you send the first message? Should you suggest meeting again?

There are more questions than answers that this stage. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong in this situation. Everyone will deal with this period differently. What one person might think is the most appropriate thing to do, will be different from someone else’s opinion. Do they still like you? Have they fallen for you already? Are they simply scared of rejection?

There is no perfect answer, and so it would be fruitless searching for it. Traditionally speaking, the man would call the woman. If he didn’t, he wasn’t interested. We think this is utter rubbish! Some guys are shy, and not all can bring themselves to ask a girl for a second date.  There are some who like the chase, though. These types like to stay in charge of the situation and lead the flirting. If a woman messaged them first, this might not suit their hunting instincts. Women, too, have very different approaches to flirtation. There are some women who brim with confidence and like to seize the reigns, whereas others want to be pursued. How, then, do you know what type of person your date is?

Quite simply: You won’t know until the moment has gone. It’s why this stage, after the initial date, is the most complicated. You can power through, though. Do what your instincts tell you to. Let your gut feeling lead the way. Your heart will be sure to follow.

Trust your gut feeling and you’ll at least go with the option that you feel most happy with. Ultimately, if it doesn’t end well, at least you were honest with yourself. Nothing is more important in your search for ‘The One’.