Thanks to the likes of Tesla and similar top end automotive manufacturers, driverless cars are now a reality. Those who would otherwise be piloting the vehicle, suddenly find themselves in a private environment, with some spare time on their hands to spend however they like.

This gives us food for thought when it comes to time gained in the car. Alongside the online casual dating site, DatingAdvisor surveyed over 12,500 females and males about sex on the road.

The topic of interest was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

Almost Two-thirds of Those Surveyed Could See Themselves Having Sex in a Driverless Vehicle

Other respondents said they would admire the view, sleep, read, chill out, or watch a film. Of course, these are all potentials... However, the survey showed that most interviewees were keen on the concept of using their travel time for sex. 70% of female respondents wanted to try sex on the move, with 72% of male respondents saying the same.

The future certainly seems sexy! However, the concept of sex on the road is nothing new. Already, with current constraints considered, many of us choose the car for a quick encounter every now and again.  As such, we decided to see how many people had previously had sex during a journey in the car, without autonomous driving.

Driver Pleasured by Their Passenger

Wow! Almost 25% of those interviews had been pleasured, whilst driving a vehicle, by their passenger. As much as we’re pleased this may have been a fun experience, we’re also very pleased nothing went wrong. This is certainly not safe!  

Passenger Pleasured by the Vehicle Driver

In contrast, 6% said they had seen to their passenger’s desires while they, themselves, were driving.

Hot and Steamy on the Back Seat

When asked, approximately 8% confessed to having sex on the back seat of a car, while the car was moving. We would guess that their chauffeur glanced in the rear-view mirror a few times… in the name of road safety, of course.

Self Pleasuring for Men and Women

12% of women, and 11% of men admitted playing with themselves whilst they were driving. It’s just a shame that they didn’t have a cooperative passenger to hand.

Public Transport Sex

Despite the bus and the train being so…well… “public”, it seems this isn’t enough to put some people off. Around 7% of respondents confessed to sex on the bus or on the train.

66% Confessed to Having Sex in a Stationary Vehicle

Countless research has demonstrated that our automobiles are one of our favourite spots for a quickie. Our results seemed to agree. 62% of females and 66% of males love sex in a stationary vehicle. Despite this, one fifth of interviewees said they had had a bad experience when having sex in the car. We’re not sure about the precise reasons (maybe they hurt their back), but it’s not something they’re keen to repeat.