Next, another important stage when searching for a companion online – your profile content. Your profile is your advertisement. Essentially, your profile is your chance to divulge further information that is not shown in your photos.

Be aware that not all users will read all the text on your profile. As such, you will want to include the key information at the start of your profile. Typically, you will find specific boxes to complete with the very best your mind has to offer. These text boxes are vital components of any online dating profile. This is because any person can choose from multiple choice questions. Not many people can create an impression on others with content they have written themselves.

Imagination, wit and charisma are key here. Don’t summarise the rest of the information on your profile – this is boring. Quotes, poetry and catchphrases are also dull. For the best chance of success, be funny without embarrassing yourself, and intriguing. You could choose to speak directly to the person reading your profile. A great idea is to write about interesting pastimes, remarkable experiences and your ambitions.

Your Profile: Do

  • Be honest and amusing
  • Use the text boxes to offer more information about yourself  
  • Be creative
  • Be charismatic
  • Try to create an unusual profile

Your Profile: Don’t

  • Tell fibs
  • Show off
  • Leave your profile half-complete
  • Leave empty text boxes
  • Complain