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Our Mission

The team at consider ourselves to be autonomous, objective, market researchers in arena of dating websites, matchmaking pages, and flirtation apps. We examine the reputation, cost and success-rates of providers within this field. It is our mission to provide users of such sites and apps in Ireland with a reliable, current, overview of the best sites for their specific needs. In order to do so, we have drawn comparisons which allow us to compare sites in depth.

We also aim to offer our readers some practical advice on how they might up their chance of success when dating online. This advice combines our own experience, and the countless comments we have received from our readers.

Areas of concentration

Dating site ratings

One of our main tasks is continued analysis of success-rates. We constantly put new websites through a rigorous testing process, using diverse user profiles. Once we have solid results, we then generate a report on the results.

Online dating advice

There are many online dating faux-pas that new users can easily make. This is made evermore likely as online dating is initially anonymous. We want to leverage our experience and pass on our advice to our readers, to help them get to grips with these sites quicker, and avoid disappointment.

Research and history

So that we can get the best understanding of trends, both regional and international, we conduct periodic market research. Typically, we will focus on a key theme, for example mobile dating.

In Numbers


Our Team

Editorial Staff

Our editorial team comprises both permanent staff and freelance writers and editors. They are all passionate about the world-wide-web, and online dating. Many our editors have professional experience in the world of online dating, and know the industry very well indeed. They know the lay of the land, and what to keep a look out for. We have a great team that we are very proud of, and love coming to work together. The best thing for us, though, is how many people share their online dating experiences with us. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Founders

Artur: Keeps close links with online dating providers, to swiftly identify evolutions and innovations.
Philipp: Oversees internal operations.
Florian: Keeps the website in check, and makes sure the servers and technology are running smoothly.

Whenever someone asks me which dating site I recommend, I always reply that it’s personal. It’s personal to you and all depends on what you’re looking for. This could be flirtation, or could be love. It could be adventure...You know best.

Chief editor

Commission and ratings

We’ve always been driven by providing people with a free overview of the world of online dating. All of our reports and experiences are published completely free of charge.

That said, we want to be honest in that we do receive commission from certain online dating sites. This, however, doesn’t affect our reports. Also, we do our best to negotiate the same commission levels from all providers, so there’s no bias whatsoever. The commission means we can keep the website up and running and, most importantly, pay our editors and writers for their hard work.

Generally speaking, we only recommend those sites which people can initially use cost-free. It’s important, as they can then check if the site is well suited to their aims. DatingAdvisor is an advisory service only. We try to give an initial steer, and point out some of the hurdles along the way. With this in mind, we will only receive commission when our user is happy on the site, and chooses to pay for it. As such, we make sure our site evaluation is relevant to specific target groups, and also to geographical locations. Here, we look at how many users are operating on the dating site in that specific city or region. We know that our readers will only stay on a dating site if they are finding it worthwhile, and are satisfied.